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Dan R. Morley

  • Experience editing all the footage, mixing sound, Foley work, and special effects for the movie 'The Atonement Box' which premiered to a sold out theater with great response and spawned a featured aritcle in the Sundance issue of the City Weekly.
  • Internship with Impatient Cow Productions, who are responsible for commercials from Robert J. Debry, Subway Sandwiches, Ken Garff, Legacy Auto, Direct TV, Sport Court, and many more.
  • Announced the weather and provided graphics for UPN channel 24.
  • Produced and recorded multiple albums for various clients including, Virgin Records, T.O.N. records, a Grammy winner and an Emmy winner.
  • 1st Assistant Director for British rocker’s music video, Vanton “Freakin’ Out”
  • Announcer for the Davey & Golimyr movie trailer, which played in theaters across the country.
  • Production Assistant on 1st ever Frontline/American Experience collaboration for PBS.
  • Has appeared on over twelve albums, singing and playing various instruments.
  • 10+ years experience as a sound engineer.
  • 10+ years as a published, writer
  • 5 years experience as production manager for radio including the writing, producing, and recording of commercials for clients.
  • Experience scoring music to films, CD ROM presentations, commercial jingles, and whole productions of plays for radio.
  • Was recruited to start and run a professional race team from the ground up, to compete in SCCA and LeMans, broadcast on the SPEED channel and CBS.
  • Won 'Best Acting' and 'Audience Favorite' awards with Team Gnar Gnar in 48 hr. Film Festival 2008.
  • Currently starring in the feature film Delightful Water Universe by the director of Rubin and Ed, Trent Harris.
  • Upcoming projects include: a new Scabs on Strike CD, an audio book The X-Mas Ham, a short film entitled Relative starring artist & special effects alumni, Phil Lambert, who incidentally is collaborating with Morley on developing a graphic novel.
  • Education in Film Studies at the University of Utah.